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Battery installation and configuration

Power failures pose an unacceptable risk in many areas of business. Telecommunications providers, data storage centers, medical facilities and other vital enterprises all depend on uninterrupted access to power in order to function properties. Fortunately, emergency power solutions can help mitigate the risk of power loss – but only if battery installation is carried out properly. After all, the reliability of your UPS and emergency power systems is directly linked to the quality of the battery installation that powers them. It therefore stands to reason that you would only allow your emergency power battery system to be installed by qualified professionals. Too often, however, insufficiently specialized employees are tasked with moving or modifying emergency power systems. While undoubtedly skilled in their field of expertise, they do not have the specialized knowledge required to handle this situation.

Battery installation by Intercel

Because batteries age and degrade over time, emergency power systems require regular maintenance and servicing to remain operational. Fortunately, Intercel offers comprehensive battery installation services that can help you ensure that your backup power will never let you down. Intercel expertise in battery-related matters allows us to offers our client base a unique service comprised of the installation, replacement, migration and transport of battery systems. Our VCA certified specialists are capable of solving any logistical problems you may encounter with any type of stationary battery system, and do so in full compliance with applicable NEN regulations. The distinctive skills of our employees are such that major multinationals such as Shell and TATA Steel have certified our specialists as conforming to their superlative quality standards.

Professional installation services for battery applications

When the integrity of your data is vital to your business, you need an emergency power system you can depend on. Intercel Europe understands how important quality battery installation services are in this regard. Our experienced project managers and certified engineers can handle every phase of battery installation and maintenance for you, freeing you to focus on the daily operations of your business. Thanks to our extensive logistical network, international orders are handled quickly and effectively. We deliver a wide range of AGM batteries from stock and can provide alternatives for many specific manufacturers. Should you require a custom solution, Intercel can also calculate the exact specifications of your battery installation will need to meet in order to offer adequate protection.

Battery installation throughout Europe

Is it time to replace the batteries in your existing UPS systems? Do you need to upgrade or expand your emergency power infrastructure, or are you planning to install an uninterruptible power supply? If you’re looking for an experienced battery installation specialist, Intercel Europe has the knowledge and expertise you need to ensure that your systems are properly installed and configured. As an international distributor and service provider, we are perfectly equipped to handle the installation of your battery systems. Our engineers can handle battery installation promptly and reliably anywhere in Europe. In addition, Intercel also provides other vital services such as maintenance, repairs, advice and systems design.

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