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Maintenance of your UPS battery system is very important for the reliability, lifespan and safety of your emergency power system. Regular maintenance keeps your battery system functioning optimally and gives you timely notice when your UPS battery needs to be replaced. Read why UPS maintenance is important and what exactly it entails!

Why is maintenance of your UPS batteries important?

Maintaining UPS batteries is important to ensure that the system works when the mains power is cut. By checking the systems regularly, you will find out, for example, whether the system can deliver the required peak power. If our tests show that the system is not functioning optimally, we can carry out various work such as cleaning, refilling the batteries and making repairs.

In addition, the battery system should be replaced every so often. The standard lifespan of a UPS battery is 10 to 12 years, but under certain conditions – such as high temperatures or poor maintenance – this is not achieved. Our specialists keep a close eye on the lifespan and will tell you exactly when it is time for a new battery system.

What is covered by UPS maintenance at Intercel?

UPS maintenance at Intercel consists of several components. These include taking measurements, a visual inspection, mechanical checks, and a report with recommendations to improve the situation. Below, we elaborate on the different components.


When measuring, we perform discharge tests with our DC load bank, among other things, and measure internal resistance. We also measure system voltage and chain voltages, and look at room and battery temperatures.

Visual inspection

During the sight check, we look at the valves, battery terminals, terminal transit and terminal, and look for any leaks and corrosion. We also take a close look at the condition of the connector and rack.

Mechanical inspections

In some cases, we carry out mechanical checks. This includes checking the condition of the connector and rack. This work can only be carried out if the batteries are switched freely.

Requirements and regulations

During UPS maintenance, we always check that battery systems are installed and operated according to the applicable regulations, requirements and standards.


During a maintenance service, we perform minor work – if necessary – such as cleaning the blocks and terminals and greasing the poles and connectors. We also refill batteries with wet cells if necessary.

Reporting and advice

Upon completion of the maintenance work, you will always receive a test report with results and recommendations. If the results show that something is not right, our technical experts will inform you and can carry out further work or repairs if necessary. This is always done in consultation with you. In some cases, the advice will be to replace your battery system entirely.

UPS maintenance contract

Intercel offers UPS maintenance in the form of a maintenance contract. This has the advantage that you know where you stand and will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. With a maintenance contract, our technical specialists come by for an annual check-up. So you can be confident that your no-break system is on standby in case of power failure. Any additional repairs are always discussed in advance. Another advantage is that annual maintenance gives you a good idea of how long your battery will last. If you know that your system will need to be replaced in two years, for example, you can budget for that in advance.

Are there any options other than a UPS maintenance contract?

In addition to a maintenance contract for your UPS batteries, you can choose to install a UPS monitoring system. This is a system that continuously monitors the status of the battery. It is a one-off expense that makes annual maintenance (partly) unnecessary. Of course, if there is a problem, you will have to send for technicians. Intercel can quickly and expertly install this type of system for you. Are you unsure between UPS maintenance and UPS monitoring? Feel free to contact us for advice!

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