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UPS monitoring system

Your no-break system or UPS is only reliable as long as the batteries can deliver the required performance. To monitor the state of your UPS batteries, we can set up a monitoring system that alerts you when the batteries are due for maintenance or replacement. Find out how it works!

What is the difference between UPS maintenance and UPS monitoring?

UPS monitoring is a great way to keep the state of your UPS system’s batteries in check. In this sense, it serves the same purpose as UPS maintenance. The difference is that when you choose for maintenance, a technician comes on-site once a year to check the batteries, while a monitoring system constantly monitors the system and notifies you when there is anything wrong with the battery.

Benefits monitoring

One of the advantages of UPS monitoring is that you don’t need a maintenance contract. Once the monitoring system is installed, you can monitor your UPS batteries yourself – 24/7. So if something happens during the year, you are immediately up to speed. Certain values are set in advance. If your battery rises above or falls below these numbers, you are automatically alerted and can take further action!

Disadvantages monitoring

Installing a monitoring system is relatively costly. And although you save on annual maintenance, it does not take away the fact that after 10 to 12 years your UPS battery will still need to be replaced.

How does UPS monitoring software work?

Intercel installs battery management systems from the brand Powershield. The systems are user-friendly and easy to read out yourself. The measuring equipment is installed in the same room as the batteries. The data is collected in a controller, and transmitted via LAN to your desktop. This allows you to check the state of your batteries on your computer in a graphical, clear interface. If the battery management software measures values that call for action, an e-mail is automatically sent to your service department.

Powershield’s software and monitoring systems monitor the following values:

  • Individual battery voltage
  • Individual battery conductivity
  • Individual battery temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Total output of switched batteries
  • Ripple voltage of switched batteries
  • Voltage of switched batteries

Are there alternatives to UPS monitoring?

Instead of a monitoring system for your UPS batteries, you can also opt for UPS maintenance. If you opt for a maintenance contract with Intercel, a technical specialist annually checks the state of the battery. Maintenance includes measurements, visual and mechanical inspections and minor work such as cleaning and topping up wet cell batteries. Not sure which of these two options is the best choice for you? Feel free to contact us to help you choose.

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