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UPS battery replacement

For a UPS emergency power system to function, it is crucial that the system’s battery is in optimal condition. After all, the batteries need to be able to immediately take over the power supply to your vital equipment in the event of a power failure. Therefore, it is vital to maintain the batteries properly and replace them when necessary. For example, when they are at the end of their service life or no longer function properly. Thanks to our extensive experience with all kinds of battery systems, Intercel can expertly maintain and, if necessary, replace batteries for any UPS / no-break installation. Intercel can also install UPS monitoring systems. These systems monitor your UPS 24 hours a day, and allow you to respond adequately to failures.

When to replace your UPS battery?

UPS batteries have a limited lifespan. It can vary by type and is affected by various factors, such as the method of use and room temperature. Under certain circumstances, batteries may need to be replaced earlier than the pre-estimated lifespan. Our specialists can visit you on site to inspect the condition of the battery. By performing various measurements and tests, we can indicate whether the battery still meets the required conditions. In addition, Intercel can provide your batteries with a monitoring solution. This allows you to monitor your system 24/7 and respond appropriately to failures. It also allows you to see when it is time to replace the UPS battery, without someone having to come by.

Replacing a UPS battery

If you opt for UPS battery replacement, the first step is to choose the right battery. That is, a battery with the right capacity and the right characteristics. UPS batteries must meet high quality standards. When needed, they must be able to deliver high peak powers. Intercel can replace your batteries one on one, but can also modify the current battery system to bring the system’s performance to a higher level. Our experts are happy to think along with you and help you make the right decision.

UPS battery installation

An emergency power battery obviously needs to be placed correctly. Our experienced technicians can install or replace both internal and external UPS batteries. For external systems, we also supply matching battery cabinets and battery racks. After installation of the battery system, the system is extensively tested and put back into operation in cooperation with the UPS supplier.

Migration of UPS systems

Moving an emergency power system is a job that needs to be carried out with great care and precision. We have extensive experience in dismantling, transporting and assembling these systems. Careful planning in close consultation with you, the user, keeps ‘downtime’ to a minimum. If necessary, we can provide a temporary solution during the migration.

UPS emergency power maintenance

Intercel can check the condition of your battery in two ways. The first way is UPS battery maintenance. This service involves technicians visiting your premises to visually inspect and measure the battery system. They also perform some work, such as cleaning and topping up Nicad batteries.

The second option is installing a UPS monitoring system. This system continuously monitors the status of the battery and makes maintenance virtually unnecessary. When there is a problem or when it is time to replace the battery, you will be automatically notified. Intercel can quickly and expertly install this type of system for you.

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