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Telecommunication battery solutions

AGM telecommunication battery

Intercel offers a large variety of AGM batteries for telecommunication services. These AGM batteries are available in many different sizes. We also provide telecommunication batteries in special sizes, with a small support case and connections that can be reached from the front side of the battery. These batteries can also be used in cars and boats where there is not much space.

Telecommunications battery: AGM battery technology

AGM means ‘Absorbent Glass Mat’. In this type of battery, the electrolytes are absorbed and immobilized by fiberglass mats between the plates. This means reactions between acids and the plates can happen more quickly, which allows for higher currents during charging and discharging. Moreover these batteries are maintenance free and will not leak.

Telecommunications batteries with a long lifespan

The AGM batteries we provide for telecommunication systems have a long lifespan of at least 600 cycles with a discharge depth of 50%. The FA AGM batteries (FA: front access) have a lifespan of around 12 years.

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