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Since the advent of the computer, digital technology has come to permeate every aspect of society. From business applications to public safety, data storage plays an important role in our lives. As a direct result, protecting and maintaining the integrity of data and stored information has become an increasingly important task. Many companies depend on emergency power solutions to keep their data safe in the event of power failures – but a UPS is only as safe as the battery that powers it.

Intercel is specialist in the installation and maintenance of UPS / NO-BREAK installations. In these battery systems maintenance-free AGM batteries are usually used as energy sources. Intercel supplies various battery series with specific properties such as long service life and high currents. These battery systems are installed by our VCA certified mechanics.

UPS battery solutions

Intercel Europe specializes in high-quality UPS battery solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you need dependable UPS battery products to protect your datacenters, security infrastructure or safety systems. As a battery wholesaler we supply UPS batteries to our customers mounting excluded, we can deliver a reliable UPS battery for your application!

Reliable UPS battery products for all UPS systems

Data loss can have far-reaching consequences in our digital world, ranging from loss of revenue to loss of life. To establish effective safeguards against these consequences, emergency power systems require UPS battery solutions that can operate under demanding circumstances. That’s why Intercel has developed its UPS battery products to meet the strictest quality requirements. Our UPS battery solutions are capable of withstanding high power draws while simultaneously offering long operational lifetimes. Additionally, our batteries are based on maintenance-free AGM technology which allows our clients to reduce the costs involved in operating and maintaining their emergency power systems.

Looking for a UPS battery, battery backup, NO-BREAK battery?

In practice, different names such as UPS battery, battery backup, NO-BREAK battery or emergency battery are used. However you call the battery, we offer for any UPS brand the right battery. For emergency power systems different types of batteries are used. These types are divided into high-current batteries, long-life batteries and high-current / long-life batteries. Below you can click the link which redirect you to the right battery series, of each battery you can also download a datasheet with performance charts.

UPS Battery from Cellpower & C&D Technologies

For emergency power Intercel offers inter alia the UPS battery MRX series by C&D Technologies and the Cellpower CPW battery series. The UPS MRX series is a wide range of AGM batteries which are already installed in many UPS battery systems. The Cellpower CPW serie is NEW since the end of 2010 and specially developed for UPS, the most reliable AGM battery for UPS with standard 3 years warranty. Below is a brief description of each battery series.

Battery for UPS, C&D Technologies UPS MRX Battery Series

In applications where critical standby power is required and where a maximum battery lifetime is essential, C&D batteries ensure for a reliable energy source. C&D Dynasty High Rate Max batteries are specially designed for maximum service life and meet stringent industrial standards. This is achieved with the aid of computer models, the proper selection of materials and the overall design, as well as state-of-the-art automated production techniques.

Battery for UPS, Cellpower CPW battery series

Cellpower CPW High Rate batteries are specifically designed for UPS applications. These AGM batteries have a maximum lifetime, according to strict industrial standards. This is achieved using computer models, the proper selection of materials and design, as well as automated production techniques. The Cellpower CPW batteries have a higher energy density compared to other batteries with the same dimensions, which is reflected in more Watts per cell.

UPS battery with standard 3 year warranty

On these VRLA batteries from the Cellpower CPW battery series there is a standard three-year warranty given and this, under certain conditions, can be extended to five years completely. At this point Cellpower distinguishes itself with a very unique warranty. Therefore, the Cellpower CPW High Rate series is the first choice of many manufacturers that produce UPS-/ emergency power systems.

Prevent power loss with UPS battery products with Intercel

Are you looking for High Rate AGM batteries for your emergency power systems? Do you require expert advice on the ideal power storage solution, or do you require a custom-built UPS battery for a specific application? As an experienced distributor of UPS battery solutions, Intercel can provide any type of assistance you need. Whether you’re looking for professional maintenance and installation services or simply require emergency power batteries you can trust, our experts are always ready to help.

Our website provides and extensive overview of products and services to choose from. If you have any questions or require specific information, please contact our team.

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