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8 technical matters you should know to start electrification

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We are proud to present our customized batteries at the iVT Expo in Cologne at 29 and 30 June 2022. This international leading trade fair is more than interesting for any builder of mobile machines who wants to make steps towards electrification now. Receive a free entrance ticket.

Whitepaper 8 technical matters you should know to start electrification

Are you already thinking about converting your tools and machines from diesel to electric? Quite exciting, with the old techniques you were sure of quality. Will that also be the case with these new techniques? We can reassure you: yes, you can! Even the heaviest machines can last a working day without having to recharge in between. In our latest whitepaper we give you tools to be well prepared for an electrical future.

Electrify? Watch out for the pitfalls!

Electrification is the key to switching from fossil fuels to sustainable energy. Legislation and regulations are aimed at an emission-free fleet from 2030. But this is already the requirement in many tenders.

Start your conversion to electric well prepared with this handy and important checklist for making electrification a success.

6 tips for finding the right partner

Are you looking for a partner? We give you 6 tips that can help you with the selection.

Do you want to prepare your machines and tools for the future? Fill in the form and download our whitepaper to get started with electrification.

For more information, please contact us directly.

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