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Working towards new solutions every day

Dirk van Gogswaardt Intercel

“New technology and looking into the future.”

An interview with Dirk van Gogswaardt, Business Development Manager at Intercel.

How did your career progress?
“I studied Business Science and graduated in Innovation and Product Development. I am fascinated by the analysis and the structure of innovation. About 6 years ago, Intercel was the next logical step from my previous job, where I was also involved in electrification. It is now an incredibly interesting time due to the lower prices of batteries, new and profitable applications are emerging every day. And because of this I am constantly interacting with new markets, for which it is great to find new solutions.”

What does a Business Development Manager do?
“I plan out the exact demands and requirements of our clients and help them find the best solution, there is often a latent wish I help bring into fruition. I spend a lot of time conducting sales, the client initiates contact and together we develop the best plan to optimally accommodate them.”

What do you like the most?
“I am very interested in networking with people, true frontrunners in their field; these are technicians but also commercial professionals. Our conversations are often highly conceptual at first. By means of a targeted brainstorming session we really get to know the client and their needs. It is almost always related to new technology, new applications and looking into the future. This is great to work with.”

What makes Intercel slightly different as an employer?
“We have a really nice time together. Individually, these are all nice people who work together as a team and really help each other. Furthermore, there are endless possibilities for our own initiative. Your own idea can always be worked out and is often realized.”

You have just returned from the Intersolar, what stood out in particular?
“The large trade-fair shows that we are at the dawn of evolution. Products such as batteries, inverters and converters are fully developed. The solar panels and the energy grid are also ready. In Europe we will now be experiencing an enormous energy evolution. If the market demands a quick shift we can help them with our knowledge, experience and supplying the right batteries. What was also striking was that the battery manufacturers almost always offer standard solutions without exceptions, we do not do that. We stand out because of our custom-made solutions that are suitable for extreme conditions and mobile applications.”

What was your best moment at Intersolar?
“It was absolutely enjoyable to see and speak to our customers, new interested parties, and partners. There is especially a lot of interest in robust and durable batteries for mobile applications. Our ‘Plug & Play’ systems were the subject of discussion, where the scalability of the systems were highly valued.”

What else did you present?
“Besides our custom lithium batteries, we presented our lead carbon batteries in great detail. These are batteries with exceptional specifications that can only be purchased from us. The combination of the high number of cycles and the low cost of the battery make these batteries extremely suitable for energy storage. Visitors have ensured us that we have a unique offering within Europe.”

What will you be doing at the iVT in Karlsruhe?
“At the end of June we will consult with machine manufacturers, we will advise them and help with electrification. We have extensive experience and we would like to utilize this with manufacturers in other European countries.”

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